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  •  2015 February-May Domestic Students Schedule   
  •  2015 February-May Additional Class   
  •  2015 June-August Summer Break Schedule   
  •  2015 March-April Abroad/ NLCS Spring Break Schedule   
  •  2015 March-April Abroad/ NLCS Spring Break SENT Books List 
  • KOREA'S NO.1 WRITING CLASS BY STEVEN HUH! Academy Students Interview Video Clip Academy Student Testimonial
  •  The First Independent Counselor in Korea    
  •  Steven Huh Newspaper Article    
  •  Steven Huh Writing Class Preview   
  •  teven Academy Facebook, Blog Address   
  • Student Minji Kim Interview (Admitted to Oxford) 
  • Student Jayoung Lee Interview (Sogang University Albatross) 
  • Student Jaehyun Park Acceptance Interview 
  • Kwangho Lee - Accepted to the University of Cambridge
  • Girim Bae - Accepted to Economics, College of Political Science and Economics, Korea University
  • Hyojin Kim - Accepted to Division of Humanities, Arts & Social Science (HASS), Yonsei University
  • Title Student Jayoung Lee - Accepted to Albatross Admission, Sogang University
  • Student Jaehyun Park - Accepted to Seoul National University, DUKE University, and many others
  • Announcement College Admission Presentation Movie Clip New Online Lecture
  •  Recruiting teachers for online VOD lessons
  •  The new 2016 SAT tests will be changed as the following.
  •  We are looking for a new member.
  •  November 22, 2014 The 2nd College Admission Presentation for the 2nd semester 
  •  AP Physics B 
  •  AP U.S. G&P 
  •  SAT II U.S. History  
  •  SAT II World History 
  •  SAT Writing Essay  
  • 한국어       中國語